Coca-Cola FEMSA, GEPP and AC lead in soft drinks in Mexico

Coca-Cola FEMSA, GEPP and Arca Continental (AC) were placed as the largest soft drink producing companies in Mexico in 2021.

In that year, Grupo GEPP sold approximately 905 million eight-ounce cases of carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages and dairy products, as well as the equivalent of approximately 699 million eight-ounce cases of water bottles.

The bottling agreements that Grupo GEPP, a subsidiary of Organización Cultiba, has with PepsiCo give Grupo GEPP exclusive rights to produce, sell and distribute various brands of PepsiCo carbonated beverages in Mexico.

As of December 31, 2021, Grupo GEPP had 44 production centers (blowing and filling) with a combined capacity to produce bottled beverages for 1,224 million 8-ounce cases and 1,238 million 8-ounce cases for the production of jug water.

Likewise, Grupo GEPP has its own infrastructure for the production of preforms with a capacity to produce 4,560 million units.

Grupo GEPP is the only producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages in Mexico with operations, coverage and presence nationwide, as well as the second largest non-alcoholic beverage company in the country, based on combined sales volume of carbonated beverages, non-carbonated beverages and jugs of water in 2021.

During that same year, in Mexico, the combined sales of soft drinks and jugs of each of its main competitors, Coca-Cola FEMSA and Arca Continental, amounted to 1,790 million 8-ounce cases and 1,282 million eight-ounce cases, respectively.


Organization Cultiba considers that the geographical presence of Grupo GEPP at the national level positions this parent company strategically and allows it to benefit from the growth opportunities offered by the Mexican beverage market.

With a population of more than 130 million inhabitants (based on World Bank figures), Mexico is the second largest country in Latin America, and its population continues to grow, with a significant increase in urban areas and expansion of middle and upper classes.

According to data reported by the INEGI in 2021, the country’s Gross Domestic Product grew 5.0%, greater than the 8.5% decrease obtained in 2020.

Likewise, Organización Cultiba considers that the presence of Grupo GEPP at the national level allows it to competitively access all growing national and regional self-service chains, such as Walmart, Soriana, Comercial Mexicana, Chedraui, Costco, OXXO, 7 Eleven, Farmacias Guadalajara and HEB, among others, which are considered part of an important distribution channel for the sale of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in the country.

As of December 31, 2021, Grupo GEPP had a relative market share, including carbonated beverages, still beverages and water bottles, of 34%, compared to 38% for Coca-Cola FEMSA and 28% for Arca Continental.

The share of our products in their respective segments was 26% in bottled beverages (including soft drinks and still beverages), and 58% in water bottles.

This relative market share includes only the bottlers of FEMSA and Arca Continental de Coca-Cola, and Grupo GEPP and considers only the Mexican territory, based on the reports to the BMV of each of the aforementioned companies.


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