Coca-Cola FEMSA expands fleet of electric vehicles


By expanding the electric vehicle fleet by more than 30% during 2021, the Mexican company Coca-Cola FEMSA already has 421 units.

The company also significantly expanded its base of electric vehicle suppliers in Latin America.

Coca-Cola FEMSA now has eight leading global suppliers and works with them to develop electrical units that meet the specifications of the bottling industry.

Through its sustainable mobility community, the company works to align the electric vehicle strategy across its operations, and develops and deploys a tool to analyze total cost of ownership and scenarios.

And to further align its operations, Coca-Cola FEMSA considers a standardized protocol to test new electric vehicle technologies -with a standard fuel efficiency indicator to measure consumption by country- and in this way reinforce and improve its migration to electric vehicles.

Thanks to these and other initiatives, the company projects that by 2030 it will have 45% of its fleet made up of electric vehicles.

Coca-Cola FEMSA

Additionally, the company continues with the secondary fleet replacement program in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, where it has the largest number of delivery trucks.

In 2021, Coca-Cola FEMSA invested in 100 new electric vehicles for a total of 421.

Likewise, through its sustainable mobility community, the company is aligning the strategy in the different countries.

It develops an economic-operational feasibility analysis, as well as an analysis of market conditions and the availability of electric vehicles in Latin America.

In the last five years, the company has replaced its fleet with new vehicles that meet more stringent emission reduction standards.

Currently, 2,934 trucks in the primary and secondary fleets have Euro V and EPA certifications.

Thanks to this program, the company reduced its fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs, and reinforced its commitment to eco-efficiency before the local environmental authorities.

In particular, its self-regulatory program in the Valley of Mexico is committed to minimizing emissions from the local delivery fleet with key initiatives that include efficient maintenance and a permanent fleet replacement program.


Coca-Cola FEMSA is a subsidiary of FEMSA, a company that participates in the retail industry through a proximity division that operates OXXO, a chain of small-format stores, a health division, which includes pharmacies and related activities. and a fuels division, operating the chain of retail service stations OXXO Gas.

In its business units, FEMSA has more than 320,000 employees in 13 countries.


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