China’s dominance in 5G according to GSMA

GSMA predicts that by 2025, China will have more 5G connections than North America and Europe combined, ranking first in the world.

According to the same global mobile communications systems association, the number of 5G connections will reach 460 million in China by that year, representing 28% of the country’s total connections.

The 5G messaging service is known as RCS (Rich Communication Suite) and integrates phones, messages and contacts.

Specifically, this communication allows users to enjoy various effective interfaces with integrated messaging, including text, images, audio, video and emojis, as well as status, location and other communication functions.

In addition, Datasea highlights that this communication has the characteristics of high contact rate, rich media, strong interactivity, convenient service and high security.

Thus, RCS has become an international standard and an international trend.

As of September 2020, according to the GSM Association, 90 mobile network operators in the world have launched RCS, with 473 million monthly active users worldwide.


Datasea refers that the revised RCS market for 2021 is about $74 billion.

The company believes that 5G messaging can improve the retail and commercial user experience.

Meanwhile, MobileSquared projects that 74.6% of smartphone users will use RCS channels to communicate by 2023.

Datasea is a technology company and has subsidiaries and operating entities located in Delaware, U.S., and China, which provides intelligent acoustics (including ultrasound, infrasound, directional sound and Schumann resonance), 5G. messaging and other products and services to various corporate and individual customers.

The acoustic business offers a wide range of cutting-edge products including high-quality sonic air disinfection solutions, beauty and skin repair solutions, as well as sleep aid devices.

As one of the leading service providers in the field of 5G communications in China, Datasea has several core products and services targeting different customers and needs, including 5G Integrated Messaging Marketing Cloud Platform («5G IMMCP»), Smart Push (precision marketing solution) and 5G messaging.


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