5G technology: AT&T increases its network in North America by 14%

U.S.-based AT&T Inc. reported a 14% year-on-year increase in its network with 5G technology in North America in 2022, to $285 million.

Also, its North American network covered more than 441 million people with 4G LTE at the close of last year, a year-on-year rise of 1.6 percent.

In the United States, the company‘s network covers major metropolitan areas and more than 337 million people with its LTE technology.

Results of AT&T

As the wireless industry has matured, future wireless growth will increasingly depend on AT&T’s ability to deliver innovative data services on a wireless network that has sufficient spectrum and capacity to support these innovations.

The company expects to continue to invest significant capital in expanding its network capacity, as well as in obtaining additional spectrum to meet its long-term needs.

AT&T participates in FCC spectrum auctions and has reallocated spectrum previously used for more basic services to more advanced mobile Internet services.

Its integrated telecommunications network uses different technology platforms to deliver instant connectivity at the higher speeds that enable its fiber network expansion and wireless network enhancements.


According to the company, streaming, augmented reality, «smart» technologies and user-generated content are expected to continue to drive increased demand for broadband and capitalize on AT&T’s fiber and 5G deployments.

Through 2023, the company plans to continue to develop and deliver integrated, high-value mobile and broadband solutions.

Wireless Service

AT&T continues to experience rapid growth in data usage as consumers demand seamless access through their wireless and wired devices, and businesses and municipalities increasingly connect equipment and facilities to the Internet.

Deploying 5G, which enables faster connectivity, lower latency and higher bandwidth, requires modifications to existing cell sites to add equipment compatible with new frequencies, such as C-band and 3.45 GHz band.

AT&T’s 5G service was rolled out nationwide in July 2020, and with that availability, the introduction of 5G phones and devices has helped renew interest in equipment upgrades

In January 2022, the company began deploying its C-band spectrum, subject to certain voluntary limitations.


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