Chile’s beer market faces high competition

The beer market in Chile is highly competitive, characterized by a wide range of beers, both locally produced and imported, according to Compañía Cervecerías Unidas (CCU).

In particular, CCU’s biggest competitor in the beer business is Cervecería Chile (a subsidiary of Ambev S.A.), which started operations in Chile in 1991.

The main beer brands of Cervecería Chile are Becker, Corona, Báltica, Stella Artois and Budweiser.

Cervecería Chile has a production plant, which is in expansion, and imports products from various beer operations abroad.

After signing a distribution contract in November 2020, Cervecería Chile distributes its products through the distribution network of Embotelladora Andina and Embonor.

Both companies are the main licensees and bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in Chile.

Before November 2020, Cervecería Chile distributed its products through direct distribution and wholesalers.

Another relevant player in the Chilean beer market is Viña Concha y Toro SA (Concha y Toro), which has imported Miller Genuine Draft and distributed Estrella Damm since 2018.

The company Concha y Toro also owns a majority stake in Southern Brewing Company, producer of Kross craft beer.

Beer market

Cooperativa Agrícola Pisquera Elqui Limitada (Capel), with which CCU also competes in the pisco category, imports Carlsberg and Bear Beer.

In addition, the competition includes several smaller direct importers of international beer brands in Chile.

On the other hand, CCU’s main competitors in the non-alcoholic beverages business are companies that produce, package and distribute soft drinks in Chile under licenses from The Coca-Cola Company and its affiliates.

The two main soft drink players in Chile are the licensees of The Coca-Cola Company and us.

Likewise, The Coca-Cola Company operates through Embotelladora Andina and Coca-Cola Embonor.

Its main competitor in the mineral, purified and flavored water business is Vital Aguas, a subsidiary of Embotelladora Andina, in which Coca Cola Embonor has a minority stake.

Finally, its main competitor in the juice, iced tea and sports drinks business is Vital Jugos S.A., a subsidiary of Embotelladora Andina, in which Coca Cola Embonor S.A. has a minority stake.


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