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Cal-Maine Foods: largest egg producer in U.S.

Cal-Maine Foods ranked as the largest egg producer in the United States, selling 1,083.8 million dozen shell eggs in fiscal 2022.

The company is primarily engaged in the production, grading, packing, marketing and distribution of fresh shell eggs.

Headquartered in Ridgeland, Mississippi, the company is the largest distributor of fresh shell eggs in the United States.

Its shell egg sales account for approximately 20% of shell egg consumption in the United States.

Cal-Maine Foods sells the majority of shell eggs to a diverse group of customers, including national and regional grocery store chains, club stores, companies serving independent supermarkets in the United States, foodservice distributors, and egg product consumers in states in the Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States.

Its largest customer, Walmart Inc. (including Sam’s Club), accounted for 29.5%, 29.8% and 32.1% of net sales in fiscal 2022, 2021 and 2020, respectively. HEB accounted for 10.1% of net sales in dollars in fiscal 2020.

Cal-Maine Foods

The company’s mission is to be America’s most sustainable producer and most reliable supplier of high-quality fresh shell eggs and egg products by demonstrating a «Culture of Sustainability» in everything it does.

According to the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (USDA) in 2021, approximately 71% of table eggs produced in the U.S. were sold as shell eggs, 55.7% were sold through home food outlets such as grocery and convenience stores, 11.9% were sold to out-of-home food channels such as restaurants, and 3.7% were exported.

The USDA estimates that 29% of U.S.-produced eggs are sold as egg products (eggs with broken shells and sold in liquid, frozen, or dried form) to institutions (e.g., companies producing baked goods).

In fiscal 2021, the company announced that its Board of Directors approved several new capital projects with an estimated cost of $105 million to further expand the company’s cage-free egg production capabilities.

These projects include the expansion of its cage-free egg production at its Okeechobee, Florida production facility.

The project includes the construction of two cage-free layer houses and one cage-free pullet house with capacity for approximately 400,000 cage-free hens and 210,000 pullets, respectively.

Construction is well underway, with the first pullets placed in mid-May 2022, the first layer house completed in September 2022 and the second layer house and project completion scheduled for January 2023.


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