Bosch: the largest investment in its history

Bosch opened its new wafer factory in Dresden, Germany, in the summer of 2021, with the company’s largest single investment in history, 1 billion euros.

Highly automated and fully connected machines and integrated processes, combined with artificial intelligence (AI) methods, make the Dresden plant a smart factory and a pioneer in Industry 4.0.

An unusual feature of the 130-year-old Bosch wafer fab is that it exists twice: once in the real world and once in the digital world as a digital twin.

During construction, all parts of the factory and all relevant construction data related to the plant as a whole were digitally recorded and visualized in a three-dimensional model.

This allows Bosch to simulate both process optimization plans and renovation work without intervening in ongoing operations.

Also, against the backdrop of strong growth in demand for semiconductors, the company announced another nine-figure investment in its chip manufacturing facility just weeks after opening the new wafer fab in Dresden.

In 2022 alone, Bosch intends to invest more than €400 million in expanding its wafer factories in Dresden and Reutlingen, Germany, and its semiconductor operations in Penang, Malaysia.


Most of this capex is going to its new 300-millimeter wafer fab in Dresden, where manufacturing capacity will expand even faster in 2022.

Around €50 million of the planned sum will be spent on the wafer factory in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart, where the company is investing a total of €150 million in additional cleanroom space from 2021 to 2023. In Penang, In addition, we are building a new test center for semiconductors and want to complete it by the end of 2022.

The Bosch Group is a global provider of technology and services, generating almost half of its sales outside of Europe. The group comprises around 440 fully consolidated subsidiaries and regional companies in more than 60 countries. The parent company is Robert Bosch GmbH, based in Stuttgart, Germany.


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