Bilateral relations: Mexico and the United States will celebrate 200 years

Mexico and the United States will celebrate 200 years of bilateral relations, the governments of both countries announced in a joint statement.

The statement was made during the Second Annual Meeting of the High Level Economic Dialogue (HLED), held in Mexico City.

Later this year, Mexico and the United States will celebrate 200 years of bilateral relations.

“Our long-standing family, cultural and business ties drive us to explore new ways to facilitate legitimate trade and travel along our shared border through the modernization of our infrastructure, private sector partnerships and trade facilitation programs,” the two governments said.

They also stated that the two countries remain committed to pursuing a multi-year bilateral joint border infrastructure modernization effort along the nearly 3,200-kilometer border, building on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and Mexico’s $1.5 billion commitment to strengthen infrastructure, bring border communities together, and make the two-way flow of trade and people safer and more efficient.

Bilateral Relations

In addition, they indicated that in order to promote sustainable development in southern Mexico and Central America, Mexico and the United States cooperate to promote the region’s business environment and quality of life through the creation of jobs and opportunities in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and southern Mexico.

“Our federal governments, in partnership with regional private sector leaders, have organized five joint meetings with the governors of the states of southeastern Mexico to promote public-private collaboration to advance investment opportunities, economic development, and environmental and climate goals,” they said.

In December 2021, the two U.S. and Mexican development agencies launched a new collaborative framework called “Sowing Opportunities” to increase technical cooperation and address the root causes of irregular migration in northern Central America.

Agenda items

The U.S. Agency for International Development has launched a new economic development project called Generating Employment and Sustainability in Southern Mexico (SURGES) to mobilize private sector investment and strengthen the capacities of rural communities and small farmers to take advantage of market opportunities and integrate into existing regional markets.

To ensure the tools for future economic prosperity, Mexico and the United States are working to support regulatory compatibility and risk mitigation in the ICT, cybersecurity, telecommunications and infrastructure sectors.

Through mechanisms including the U.S.-Mexico Working Group on Cyber Issues, both governments coordinate to strengthen their cybersecurity protections in global supply chains and address cybersecurity challenges, through best practices and international industry standards, and continue to cooperate on the deployment of ICT infrastructure, including 5G networks.


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