Banco del Bienestar has 1,699 branches

The Banco del Bienestar presented at the end of fiscal year 2021 a preview of 14 branches opened and operational, 1,164 branches with civil works completed, 317 under construction and 204 properties available to start work, which in total adds up to 1,699 branches.

The bank’s expansion plan maintained the strategy of giving priority attention to the most unprotected communities and contributing to direct distribution to the beneficiaries of social programs by offering financial products and services.

At the same time, with the purpose of maintaining financial inclusion in the use and management of financial services in neglected areas for the dispersion of resources from Government Programs, the Banco del Bienestar maintained a total of 18 million 662,789 bank accounts, reaching an advance of 81.1% compared to the goal that was scheduled for 2021.

For its part, Banjército achieved a total of 626,072 bank accounts, reaching the goal established for that year.

For both cases, a balance of 27,968 million pesos was reported in bank accounts, representing 102.1% of the goal established by the entities for fiscal year 2021.

Banco del Bienestar

Through Banco del Bienestar and Banjército, the Mexican government continued to support the use of secure and efficient electronic payment systems to encourage greater use of electronic transactions and the use of new technologies.

The foregoing resulted in a total of 133 million 210,954 electronic transactions being generated in the period from January to December 2021, achieving an advance of 90.9% with respect to the goals established by the entities in this area.

These electronic transactions reflected a flow of 151,281 million pesos, exceeding the goals established by the entities by 45.8% compared to their projection in 2020.

In an effort to provide financial education, training and technical assistance, the Banco del Bienestar provided online courses to 15 million 473,439 beneficiaries in 2021, a much higher figure compared to the 2 million 403,678 beneficiaries trained in 2020.

For this achievement, it used its platform with 62 courses and technical assistance.

Of the total beneficiaries for financial education courses and technical assistance granted, 8 million 688,696 were women, of which 98% corresponded to the social banking sector.


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