Banco Azteca has 17 million digital customers

By the end of 2022, Banco Azteca, a subsidiary of Mexican conglomerate Grupo Elektra, had more than 17 million digital customers.

Recently, Banco Azteca’s mobile platform has been significantly boosted in the search for greater inclusion of new generations and to facilitate the daily lives of its millions of customers.

According to Grupo Elektra’s description, this 100% mobile transactional platform is associated with a cell phone number, and through it customers live “a practical, immediate, friendly and secure financial experience”.

The platform is aimed at all those who have a smartphone with internet access.

From the platform, multiple types of operations can be carried out in seconds; from obtaining and managing a bank account, to applying for a credit card, making investments, making electronic transfers, paying for a service or a credit card from another bank, among others.

The model has some unique features in the market: designed to be operated mainly in a mobile way, paperless, and with a call center that resolves any complaint at the first contact, as well as through artificial intelligence solutions such as the app’s Chat Bot and WhatsApp.

Chat Bot of the application and WhatsApp.

Banco Azteca

The service started in the second half of 2016 in Mexico and, the project for Central and South America in 2019.

The app has played a very relevant role as a distribution and operation channel.

In recent years, facial recognition has been incorporated to strengthen customer security and new innovative functionalities in the world of payments, such as sending money by proximity and paying and charging with QR in affiliated businesses.

Banco Azteca, the most important subsidiary of Grupo Elektra, is the largest bank in Mexico in terms of personal loan portfolio, number of employees, and coverage by number of customer contact points.

As of December 31, 2022, it had 3,737 points of contact (of which 1,253 are located within our Elektra and Salinas y Rocha stores), accumulating 215,137 million pesos in traditional deposits, and a gross loan portfolio of 161,307 million pesos.


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