BAIT: growth in users and boost from Walmart de México

The telephony operator BAIT recorded a year-on-year growth of 111% in 2023 in its number of active users, reaching 11.8 million.

BAIT is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) brand launched by Walmart de México y Centroamérica (Walmex). 

At the same time, its network reached more than 1.2 million physical recharge points, along with other online and strategic partner recharge options, representing a 167% increase over the end of 2022.


Some of its advantages and strengths are the following:

  • It is the leading MVNO in Mexico, by number of users.
  • This operator offers services at competitive prices, taking advantage of Walmart’s existing customer base.
  • Walmart is Mexico’s leading company among self-service store chains.
  • BAIT leverages the service in Walmart’s more than 3,000 stores and clubs in Mexico.
  • There is also a synergy considering the 5 million customers that visit Walmart Mexico stores every day.
  • In addition to offering a large flow of potential customers, this synergy is relevant for Bait Experience Centers. 

MVNOs are companies that do not have their own network infrastructure, but use the infrastructure of the main telecommunications operators to offer mobile telephony services.


Walmart de México leverages data to learn more about its customers and generate more value for them.

The company is also developing new monetization opportunities for its formats. 

Walmart de México strengthened its relationship with Walmart Connect by linking its advertisers with BAIT’s advertising solutions. 

Now, its advertisers can reach BAIT’s 7.8 million users through SMS messages and automatic notifications. 

Also, when purchasing a Bait line, Walmart de México gives its customers a 50 peso bonus in Cashi, which increased downloads of the application and the use of the application to make purchases through the digital wallet.

The Bait Experience Centers have allowed Walmart de México users to enjoy a more convenient and seamless experience. 

In addition, these centers have expanded the reach to more customers by offering prepaid services, the sale of mobile devices and accessories, as well as the availability of credit and extended warranties.