Aneberries obtains National Export Award 2021

The National Association of Berries Exporters (Aneberries) won the 2021 National Export Award in the category of Foreign Trade Promotion Organizations.

Aneberries represents the exporters of fresh berries from Mexico to facilitate exports, guarantee food safety, encourage, promote and defend trade and the opening of new markets and encourage the professional development of its associates.

Likewise, Aneberries is a civil association that has made it possible to achieve the integration of 30 birry-producing companies, trains in technical cultivation issues, legally supports companies in the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA) in counterclaims to Mexican products.

In addition, it supports companies from the production process to the marketing of the berries, which has allowed us to increase our presence in new markets in Asia.


According to the Association, it takes a socially responsible stance and protects the environment.

At the same time, it disseminates information of a technical, statistical and commercial nature, supporting research programs for the development of the sector.

Among its partners is Alpasa Farms, a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the production and marketing of fresh fruits.

A second partner is Agrana Fruit Mexico (AFM), a leading company in the industrial refining of raw materials and agricultural improvements, mainly with fruits.

A third party: Berries Paradise, a Mexican company that produces, packs and markets fresh raspberries, blackberries and blueberries.

The Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier, and Fernando Ruiz Huarte, general director of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade, Investment and Technology (Comce), presented the awards at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy.

The Awards Committee, always based on the opinion of the Evaluation Commission and in the presence of the Coordinators of the Evaluation Groups of each category of participation, is the one who definitively and unappealably chose the Mexican companies, institutions and organizations. deserving of the 2021 National Export Award.

The winning companies, institutions and organizations are publicly recognized through a solemn ceremony.


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