Android: from phones and tablets to game consoles and TVs

Originally designed as an operating system for phones and tablets, today Android is used in many other types of devices, such as video game consoles and televisions. 

Being free and open source, its popularity as an operating system has been growing since, on the one hand, manufacturers can use its code as the basis for the devices they produce, and on the other, developers can access it and modify it to develop features and applications compatible with devices that use it.


In recent years, Mexico has become one of the most promising technology centers and a gateway to the Spanish-speaking Latin American market.

The growing app economy to which Android contributes also leads to an increase in employment opportunities, not only for app developers but throughout the economy, according to an analysis by the consulting firm Access Partnership.

The country’s startup ecosystem has grown considerably, and reached third place in the region (after Brazil and Chile) in the Startup Ecosystem Index 2023.

Android contributes by providing an accessible platform for app developers and other related professionals, such as software engineers, which facilitates the creation of a thriving job market within the app economy. 

Access Partnership believes this results in an increased demand for professionals who possess the right skills and tools to develop and enhance mobile applications and keep them secure. 


Consequently, this creates jobs in related industries such as advertising, digital marketing and e-commerce, as well as in the wider economy. 

In 2022, the Android app economy supported 168,000 jobs in Mexico, demonstrating its contribution to improving the lives of people in Mexico. 

At the same time, Android plays a key role in improving the lives of Mexican users by giving them access to a huge number of applications and tools. 

The wide variety of Android devices available gives people the freedom to choose the one that best suits their preferences, budget and needs. 

Android users in Mexico obtain annual benefits of 50,000 million pesos through the use of the operating system, which demonstrates the high valuation that this ecosystem has in the community.


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