Alsea, FEMSA-OXXO and CMR dominate in restaurants in Mexico

Alsea, FEMSA-OXXO and CMR dominate the restaurant industry in Mexico, according to a report from the US Department of Commerce.

According to the National Chamber of Restaurants (Canirac), approximately 120,000 restaurants in Mexico closed in 2020 following closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many of the restaurants that survived had to adapt by simplifying their menus, partnering with delivery apps and implementing safety protocols as they return to full dining services.


Above all, the key players in the industry are Alsea, which operates more than 4,200 (fast) food units in Mexico (with 18 brands), followed by FEMSA-OXXO with 19,997 convenience stores where fast food is sold.

It also highlights CMR, which operates 11 casual dining brands (one exclusive dinner) in Mexico.

In general, micro and small businesses represent 96% of the restaurant industry in Mexico.

According to the Commerce Department, in part due to an earlier trend, but also fueled by the lockdown and pandemic, independent operators are moving to virtual restaurants and offering their services through delivery apps, which are rising in value across the board. the market, offering conveniences for online ordering and payment.

In particular, US suppliers continue to enjoy favorable market conditions, as US restaurant and hotel chains have operations in Mexico and are well known to Mexican consumers.

Likewise, US products dominate imports, and the main competition comes from local companies.


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