Alibaba’s ideas on poverty and jobs

The Alibaba company develops programs related to the fight against poverty and rural development, while highlighting its own job creation.

Initially, in December 2017, the company launched the Alibaba Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, which focuses on education, advancing rural trade, empowering women, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

He then continued to explore and apply sustainable and replicable ways of working with less developed areas.

In May 2021, the company changed its name from the Alibaba Poverty Relief Foundation to the Alibaba Rural Vitalization Fund and continued to support rural advancement.

Meanwhile, the company has sent employees as “rural development ambassadors” to be stationed in less developed areas for a period of time to develop business skills for local villagers.

It also launched in 2019 a dedicated live streaming program to help less developed areas sell agricultural and food products.

To alleviate intergenerational poverty through better health care, the company has provided health insurance to cover major illnesses for people in impoverished counties.

During the program period between July 2017 and December 2020, Alibaba exceeded its fundamental goal of providing coverage for 10 million insurance claims.


To support women in need, the company started the “Modou Mama” (魔 豆 妈妈) project in 2006 and has continued to provide professional training services to those living in difficult situations.

On the other hand, the breadth of its ecosystem and the range of service providers required in it create significant employment opportunities.

In addition to providing direct business and career opportunities to merchants, its ecosystem has created new opportunities for service providers in logistics, marketing, consulting, operations outsourcing, training, services, and other online and mobile commerce professions.

According to the «Alibaba Ecosystem Employment and Job Quality Report» released in July 2020 by Renmin University of China, the company contributed to the creation of nearly 70 million direct and indirect job opportunities in China to across its entire ecosystem, and around 50 million through its China retail markets alone.

Similarly, the international expansion of your business also creates job opportunities by allowing merchants from different parts of the world to do business online.


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