AHMSA halts drop in steel production

Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA) reported that it halted the drop in liquid steel production, registering 2 million tons in 2021.

Although the figure represents 100,000 tons more compared to the previous year, it is far from reaching its results of 2018 and 2019, when its production was estimated at 4.2 and 3.55 million tons.

AHMSA produces all of its steels in a fully integrated steel mill that consists of two plants located in the city of Monclova, in Coahuila de Zaragoza.

Steel production is carried out with the basic method of oxygen injection and in 2015, apart from production via BOF (oxygen injection), the Electric Furnace process was implemented that melts scrap metal by generating an electric arc.

The production of liquid steel (via BOF and via HE) is processed by the continuous casting method.

Furthermore, AHMSA owns its main sources of raw materials and steel production, as well as finishing facilities and a steel product distributor, in addition to maintaining a stake in a company that transports raw materials.

Steel production

As a steel producer, AHMSA produces a variety of flat steel products (such as Plate, Hot Rolled Sheet, Cold Rolled Sheet and Tin), in addition to certain non-flat products (such as Heavy Profiles).

In the domestic market, its products mainly serve the manufacturing, construction, automotive, oil, packaging and household appliances industries.

The company’s export sales are made directly or through steel distributors, to a variety of end users.

AHMSA is a subsidiary of GAN, and is one of the largest manufacturers of steel products in Mexico, whose main activity is the production and sale of flat steel and structural profiles.

The company’s two steel plants with a total production capacity of 5.5 million tons of liquid steel per year.

Since 2019, AHMSA has faced financial problems, after the arrest of Alonso Ancira, president of the Board of Directors, accused of selling a company at an extra cost to Pemex.


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