XPO Logistics covers 99% of all US ZIP codes in LTL

XPO Logistics covers 99% of all zip codes in the United States with its Freight Less Than Truck (LTL) service.

Overall, the company provides clients with geographic density and regional, interregional and transcontinental freight services on defined days with one of the largest networks of tractors, trailers, professional drivers and terminals in the industry.

Its services include cross-border cargo movements in the United States, to and from Mexico and Canada, as well as service within Canada.

On the one hand, its critical capacity and national lane density is supported by 291 terminals in North America, with large economies of scale.

Its LTL business represents more than three decades of investment, with network coverage of approximately 99% of all zip codes in the United States and key routes in Canada.

In October, XPO Logistics opened the second largest LTL terminal in its network in Chicago Heights – 264 gates and 150,000 square feet of facility space.

Additionally, according to the company, its 12,000 professional XPO truck drivers are highly valued by its customers as the widespread driver shortage is projected to continue.

XPO Logistics

The company plans to allocate capital to expand its North American LTL door count by 900 doors, or approximately 6%, over the next 12 to 24 months to improve the operational efficiency of the entire network and support future growth of the income.

Using a modern fleet equipped with security technologies, the company delivered approximately 13 million shipments during the 12 months ending September 30, 2021.

In Europe, XPO Logistics uses a mix of geographically determined fleet operations. This includes asset-based (owned by XPO) and asset-based (contracted carrier) capacity, backed by a network of terminals.

There you have approximately 100 LTL locations serving countries across Europe.