With supply problems 75% of companies

Around two-thirds of companies were affected by supply problems in the fourth quarter of 2021, the Swiss Central Bank reported.

So there was no substantial easing in the purchase of intermediate products in the fourth quarter.

Substantial delays were reported, particularly with regard to the procurement of raw materials such as metals, plastics and chemicals.

Also the delivery times of computer and electronic products, as well as packaging materials, have been extended beyond the usual few days to several weeks or even months.

At the same time, supply problems were pronounced in the vehicle trade and in some consumer goods segments, such as bicycles and sporting goods.

Geographically speaking, this is a global phenomenon, although when it comes to manufacturing and retailing, it is mainly about products from the Asian region.

Supply problems

As a result of bottlenecks, prices continue to rise, according to the Swiss Central Bank.

In addition, the delays are reducing the efficiency of the production processes.

Against the background of declining inventories, production is increasingly reduced and, in some cases, even stopped.

The Bank stated that international travel restrictions are still considered to have a “dramatic impact”.

Not only are they stifling demand in the hotel sector, but they are also preventing exporting companies from delivering their products and spare parts with the usual presence on site.

In addition, acquiring new customers continues to be difficult.

The disruptions are also having a negative impact on international logistics, making intercontinental transport more expensive and more difficult to plan, the Swiss Central Bank has concluded.

On the other hand, delivery problems within Switzerland are hardly mentioned now.


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