Wine imports in Mexico total US $ 203 million

Wine imports in Mexico totaled 203.4 million dollars from January to November 2020, according to data from the Ministry of Economy.

The amount is outlined for an annual decrease, considering that in all of 2019 these wine imports were for 271.6 million dollars.

In addition to the comparison, a similar value was registered in 2018 (271.8 million dollars).

According to an analysis by the European Commission, consumption of red wine in Mexico is growing at high rates, while sparkling white varieties are gaining popularity, driven by new consumers.

Regarding competition, he adds that although limited, national production is dynamic and expansive.

European companies also face competition from products from Chile, Argentina and the United States.

From January to November 2020, the main external suppliers of wine in the Mexican market were: Spain (54.1 million dollars), Italy (46.1 million), Chile (33 million), France (26.4 million), Argentina (20.9 million) and the United States (17.9 million).

Wine imports

In Mexico, wine is distributed primarily through grocery retailers with a larger share in supermarkets, followed by food and beverage specialists.

While the off-trade channel is more important in terms of overall volume, the on-trade channel plays an important role for higher value wines.

From the perspective of the European Commission, one of the remnants of the Mexican market is that consumers are not educated in the consumption of wine and consider it a drink for special occasions.

But there are opportunities. Premium wine purchases were on the rise until before the Covid-19 pandemic; the consumer base is expanding, and women and youth drive wine sales in terms of volume.

The high-income niche, by contrast, has a preference for premium European wines.