Who is Luis Abel Romero López, Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce?

Mexico‘s Ministry of Economy appointed this Friday Luis Abel Romero López as Undersecretary of Industry and Trade, replacing Héctor Guerrero.

In Mexico, industrial policy is detailed in the 2019-2024 National Development Program and the 2020-2024 Sectoral Program for the Economy.

Both programs place special emphasis on the need to increase domestic content in «strategic sectors» and on the development of the country’s most marginalized regions, SMEs, the knowledge industry and government procurement as a tool to promote industrialization.

The objectives of the policy will be achieved through the support given to entrepreneurs through programs such as IMMEX, PROSEC, the Program for Industrial Productivity and Competitiveness (PPCI) and the Program for the Development of the Software Industry (PROSOFT). In addition, Bancomext will support the program as a financing pillar.

The PROSECs that contain the largest number of inputs with preferential tariffs are those that benefit the main export sectors, i.e. the automotive and auto parts, electronics and electrical industries.

Luis Abel Romero López holds a degree in Economics from Universidad Iberoamericana.

In his last position he served as General Collection Administrator at the Tax Administration Service (SAT), where he was responsible for designing and implementing strategies aimed at promoting the collection and recovery of tax credits to strengthen tax revenues and thus contribute to the development and monitoring of the Mexican Government’s priority programs.

Luis Abel Romero López

At the beginning of this administration he served as Head of Unit in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. He was also Technical Coordinator of Programming and Budgetary Control of Personal Services at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and has held various positions within the Federal Public Administration, particularly in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and the Ministry of Public Education.


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