Whirlpool launched 100 new products

In 2021, the Whirlpool Corporation launched more than 100 new products worldwide, including several that were recognized for their innovation.

The list includes the new Premium Top Load Washer in North America.

In addition to this washer featuring the industry’s first removable agitator, it was named one of the «100 Best Inventions» of 2021 by Popular Science.

Another product is the new integrated steam oven winner of the iF Design Award in EMEA.

Whirlpool also launched several new small KitchenAid appliances, including espresso machines and stand mixers.

Lastly, the company expanded its footprint in consumables with new Swash detergent scents.

Whirlpool has been responsible for several pioneering innovations in the market.

Among others, these include the first electric washer wringer in 1911, the first residential stand mixer in 1919, the first countertop microwave in 1967, the first energy- and water-efficient top-loading washer in 1998, and the first top loading with removable agitator in 2021.

In 2020, the KitchenAid brand introduced its third largest capacity dishwasher designed to help families load more dishes and use less product, promoting water and energy savings.

Whirlpool’s holistic approach to innovation, utilizing Design for Sustainability principles across its global platforms, connects product sustainability directly to the company’s business objectives.


As the shift to digital continues, consumers continue to want connected appliances that fit seamlessly into the larger home ecosystem.

As a leading manufacturer of connected appliances, Whirlpool says it is excited to bring new connected products and technologies to market, including voice control with a compatible smart home assistant, food recognition and automatic laundry detergent replenishment.

Additionally, in 2021, the company enabled a wireless upgrade for qualified connected appliances, delighting consumers with additional Air Frying capabilities on its existing products.

Whether developed in-house or with one of its many partners, the company believes these digitally enabled products and services will increasingly enhance the home appliance experience for its consumers, as evidenced by its highly rated mobile apps.

In 2021, Whirlpool posted sales of $21.95 million, up 13% year-on-year and 7.7% over 2019.

His net earnings were 1,806 million dollars in 2021, this is 69.6% more than 2020 and 52.8% more than 2019.


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