Whirlpool, AT&T and Mabe among Elektra’s main suppliers

Whirlpool, AT&T and Mabe were among Elektra’s top suppliers in 2020.

Grupo Elektra is the leading specialized trade and financial services company in Latin America, aimed at the C +, C, C- and D + socioeconomic levels.

In addition, it is the largest provider of short-term non-bank loans in the United States, aimed at the country’s middle class.

Grupo Elektra purchases a substantial part of its product inventories from Loncin Imports and Exports, Radiomovil Dipsa, AT&T, Chongquing Rato Power, Mabe, Whirlpool Mexico and Motorola.

Together, the merchandise supplied by these companies represented 62% of Grupo Elektra’s consolidated net purchases of goods from external suppliers for the nine-month period ended September 30, 2020.

Grupo Elektra’s business operations may be interrupted if it cannot ensure an adequate supply of merchandise at reasonable prices.

The future success of this company depends largely on its ability to secure a sufficient volume of merchandise for its stores at an attractive cost.

Historically, Grupo Elektra has been able to acquire high-quality merchandise at low cost, but such merchandise may not be available in the future or in sufficient quantities to satisfy the demand of Grupo Elektra’s customers.


The future success of Grupo Elektra depends on its ability to distribute its products to its stores in a timely and profitable manner, in such a way there is dependence on its ability to distribute its products to Grupo Elektra’s stores in a timely and profitable manner.

Grupo Elektra’s eight distribution centers in Mexico and five distribution centers in other countries where it operates receive inventory deliveries from Grupo Elektra’s suppliers for processing and subsequent distribution to Grupo Elektra’s stores and warehouses.

The orderly operation of the receipt and distribution of Grupo Elektra inventory requires effective management of its distribution centers and compliance with the company’s logistics guidelines.

Whirlpool and Mabe are two of the main appliance manufacturers in Mexico.


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