Walmart de México y Centroamérica is investigated by Cofece

Walmart de México y Centroamerica reported that the Federal Economic Competition Commission (Cofece) initiated an investigation against it for alleged monopolistic practices in the wholesale supply and distribution of consumer goods.

In summary, Walmart de México y Centroamérica is one of the most important commercial chains in the region. As of December 31, 2019, it operated 3,407 units distributed in six countries (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, and Nicaragua), including self-service stores, membership price clubs and omnichannel sales.

Also at the end of 2019, Walmart de México y Centroamérica operated 3,407 business units distributed in 675 cities in the six countries where it has a presence. Its operating units include convenience stores and membership price clubs.

«Walmart informs its shareholders and the investing public in general that today it received a notification from the Federal Commission for Economic Competition, in the sense that it has initiated an ex officio investigation for the alleged commission of relative monopolistic practices in the wholesale supply and distribution market for consumer goods, their retail marketing and related services,» the company reported in a statement sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).

La Cofece conducted a study in which it reported that Walmart de México y Centroamérica has a presence in 87% of the areas of influence in Mexico.

In this report, Cofece warns that there is a market concentration in self-service stores, which could have an impact on the prices of the products.

Walmart de México y Centroamerica 

The company stated that it is confident that its actions have always adhered to the applicable legislation, and that its participation in the Mexican market has always resulted in lower prices.

The commercial names of its different business formats in Mexico such as Bodega Aurrerá, Mi Bodega Aurrerá, Bodega Aurrerá Express, Superama, Medimart and Prichos, are trademarks owned by Wal-Mart de México, S.A.B. de C.V., as well as the brands Aurrera, Medimart, Atvio, GRX, etc.

On the other hand, the commercial names of the Walmart and Sam’s Club business formats, as well as the various private brands such as Great Value, Equate, Mainstays, Members Mark and Carrito Wal-Mart, etc., are proprietary registered trademarks. from WALMART APOLLO, LLC.

Said trademarks are used by the operating companies under license and / or sub-license agreements of use with indefinite validity.

Likewise, trademarks owned by third parties are used, for which use license contracts have been signed, in order to guarantee their legal use and to comply with applicable and current legislation.

Main customers

The company’s main customer is the general public. During 2019, the company generated 2,287 million transactions in Mexico and Central America.


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