Walmart de México offers WhatsApp service

Since 2021, Walmart de México y Centroamérica has implemented a new purchase and after-sales service that works through the WhatsApp application.

This has allowed the company to have a more transparent communication with its clients.

Among the advantages of this system are:

  • Report the status of your order.
  • Send pictures about quality.
  • Propose product substitutes.
  • Offer promotional products.
  • Add an additional product to your order.

Thanks to this service, Walmart de México y Centroamérica has managed to improve and contribute to the increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score, an indicator that measures the willingness of a customer to recommend a service, product or company).

Overall, the company continues to invest in technology to improve the customer experience.

Also in 2021, the company merged its Bodega On Demand and extended catalog platforms into a single app and, according to its own assessment, customers are liking the initiative; the app’s user rating increased by 40 basis points thanks to this implementation.

Walmart de México

The company also achieved the unification of the Superama app, now Walmart Express, with the Walmart Supercenter app so that its customers can buy in both formats on the same platform.

To encourage the adoption of this change, the company carried out personalized attention actions with its customers and launched offers such as the Irresistible End, where it offered 3×2 on wines in purchases through the application.

In 2021, Walmart de México y Centroamérica achieved double-digit growth, on a triple-digit growth basis.

  • +300 positions created for omnichannel that did not exist, through the revaluation, attraction of talent and renewal of profiles.
  • 4.9% reached the share of eCommerce in the total sales of Mexico.
  • 1.4% contribution to total sales growth.
  • 36% grew eCommerce net sales.
  • 40% grew the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value).

In Central America, the company launched its omnichannel project and the development of its eCommerce by leveraging knowledge in Mexico.

Thanks to the experience and strengths of Walmart as a global company, or Powered by Walmart, the company tested technologies and processes that have been successful in other countries.

In this way, it managed to reduce implementation times and use of capital, thanks to the adoption of best practices and proven knowledge.


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