Walmart de México builds 2 distribution centers

Walmart de México y Centroamérica (Walmex) reported that it is building two distribution centers in Mexico.

For the company, logistics is one of the key enablers of its strategy.

Currently, Walmart de México is building two new distribution centers that will be ready to operate soon: one dedicated to perishables in Villahermosa, which will open in 2022, and another in Mexicali, for dry products that is about to start operations.

From the company’s perspective, its logistics network has been characterized as a competitive advantage and it will continue to invest in it to further strengthen its position.

These distribution centers will generate around 3,200 new direct and indirect jobs, serving 10 states and more than 500 stores.

In addition to the new distribution centers, the planned investment is also destined to the automation of its existing facilities.

During the first quarter of 2021, sorters and automatic bands began to operate in their distribution centers in the State of Mexico.

Distribution centers

Walmart de México is resuming new store growth at a faster rate.

Following the construction authorities’ rules and making sure conditions are safe, Walmex opened 24 stores in the first quarter of 2021.

With this, it achieved the highest number of openings in a first quarter in the last five years.

Last February, the company opened Sam’s Club Santín in Toluca, State of Mexico, a club that reflects how it is adapting its prototypes to the changing needs of its customers.

In addition to being fully omnichannel and inclusive for people with disabilities, it is its first “lean club”, since it implemented a new structure that further empowers its members.

During the opening week, Walmex reached a record of affiliations and sales, with almost 30,000 new memberships.

In the quarter, the contribution of new stores to total sales growth was 1.1 percent.

As for Walmart Express, two new stores opened last year and six stores were converted.


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