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Volkswagen suspends operations in Mexico until June 1

Volkswagen reported that it extended the suspension of operations in Mexico to June 1.

«The program to restart activities in the assembly company will take place under strict hygiene measures, and in accordance with the requirements indicated by the health authorities,» Volkswagen said in a statement.

On May 5, the Association of Motor and Equipment Manufacturers (MEMA) of the United States asked the United States government to press for Mexico to resume its automotive manufacturing activities from May 12.

Bill Long, MEMA President and CEO, made this request to Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, in a letter signed that day.

May 12 will be a little ahead of the planned May 18 opening of numerous assembly plants in the United States, which is an essential step in allowing original equipment to be produced on that date.

Previously, Volkswagen had announced the restart of activities at its Puebla and Silao plants, in Guanajuato, on May 18.

In Mexico, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared on March 23, 2020 that the country had entered phase two, called community contagion, of the pandemic.

Volkswagen and COVID-19

Also on March 24, 2020, the Mexican government imposed restrictions on non-essential activities in the public, private and social sectors, which lasted until May 30 from April 16, including the suspension of meetings of more than 100 people, closing all schools and encouraging the private sector to allow employees to work remotely.

Essential activities include medical services and supplies, public safety, fundamental economic functions, government social programs, and critical infrastructure. On March 30, 2020, the government declared a national health emergency.