Vitro’s main competitors in glass for the automotive and construction industries

Vitro’s main competitors in the sale of glass for the construction industry are Saint Gobain, Guardian, Cardinal, Asahi Glass Co., Nippon and Sheet Glass.

Vitro is a holding and operating company whose subsidiaries are dedicated to serving various markets, among which are flat glass for use in the construction and automotive industries; as well as glass containers for the cosmetic, fragrance, pharmaceutical and liquor markets.

In addition, Vitro and its subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of machinery, equipment and capital goods for industrial use, as well as the manufacture of inorganic chemical products.

With regard to automotive glass, Vitro’s competitors in Mexico include Asahi Glass Co. and Saint Gobain and, in the United States, Fuyao, Nippon Sheet Glass, Central Glass Co. and Asahi Glass Co.

The competition of these producers consists mainly of price, service and quality.

Vitro’s main competitors

Based on the total sales of the segment in 2020 of 184,702 million pesos, the company considers that the Glass Containers segment is the main supplier of containers for the perfumery and cosmetics industry in America and one of the main suppliers of glass containers for cosmetics globally, competing directly with European and Asian manufacturers.

According to the company itself, the segment has made use of its competitive advantages to supply a variety of value-added products, including special glass containers for perfumery, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, and increasing experience and productive flexibility, allowing it accordingly , maintain a solid market position.

Vitro’s consolidated net sales for the second quarter of 2021 increased 61.0% year over year, to 480 million dollars, mainly due to higher demand, the effect of economic reactivation and opening in the Architectural and Automotive segment in the United States, Europe and Mexico due to less restriction due to pandemic.

Likewise, the consolidated EBITDA for the second quarter rose to 68 million dollars from a negative EBITDA of 5 million dollars reported in the second quarter of 2020, mainly due to a higher volume of all businesses when operating in an ordinary way doing higher level use of installed capacity.

During the first and second quarters of 2020, the company was forced to suspend operations in the Automotive segment as a result of the stoppage of production of cars and light vehicles, and to significantly reduce the operations of the Architectural business, since in Mexico the construction segment as a non-essential activity. This decree was reversed during the third quarter of 2020.


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