USMCA: United States Names Its List Of Panelists

The United States elected the following 10 panelists to settle State-State cases under the USMCA: Julie Bédard, Susan G. Braden, John J. Buckley, Jr., EF Mano DeAyala, Dennis Devaney, Mark C. Hansen, Jean E Kalicki, Ann Ryan Robertson, Koji Saito and Stephen P. Vaughn.

In terms of State-State dispute resolution, the USMCA preserves the mechanism provided for in Chapter XX of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), eliminating the proposal to grant a Party the power not to implement the decision from a panel, as proposed by the administration of President Donald Trump.

The USMCA guarantees that no country can block the dispute settlement mechanism.

Exclusively for labor matters, the United States chose Janice Bellace, Lance Compa, Peter Hurtgen, Ira Jaffe, Kevin Kolben, and Ed Potter.

Finally, for the rapid labor response mechanism, the United States and Mexico appointed six non-national panelists: Gary Cwitco, Cleopatra Elmira Doumbia-Henry, Pablo Lazo Grandi, Salvador Del Rey Guanter, Paul van der Heijden and Adolfo Alberto Ciudad Reynaud.


The USMCA will have 125 panelists to settle different cases of dispute resolution.

To settle cases of dumping or prohibited subsidies, in the Commercial Remedies Chapter, each country must present a list of 25, for a total of 75.

Regarding the chapter related to State-State differences, each nation will have a list of 10, to add 30.

Lastly, for the rapid labor response mechanism, there will initially be a list of three panelists from Mexico and three from the United States and another three panelists for each country between Mexico and Canada. But after six months, it will be expanded to five in each case, so that there will be a total of 20.