USMCA: Good Regulatory Practices Committee will analyze gender

The Good Regulatory Practices Committee of the USMCA reported that it will carry out an analysis on gender.

Regarding its progress, the Committee presented the report of its meeting on March 31, 2021, in which the representatives of the three countries exchanged information on:

  • New regulatory initiatives, including Canada‘s new online regulatory consultation system.
  • The national registry of regulations of Mexico.
  • Recent US executive orders and memoranda related to regulatory modernization.

Also as part of the First Meeting of the USMCA Free Trade Commission, it was agreed to analyze practices or processes using a public consultation approach, as well as its legal basis.

Regulatory practices

The Parties undertook to conduct analyzes on gender aspects to strengthen this practices.

For its part, Mexico reiterated its commitment to the implementation of this chapter, which it considered an ideal means of exchanging information on approaches, good practices and recent developments in the matter.

In the USMCA, the Parties recognize the implementation of all government practices to promote regulatory quality through:

  • Greater transparency.
  • Objective analysis.
  • Accountability and predictability can facilitate international trade.
  • The investment.
  • Economic growth.

All of this contributes to the ability of each Party to achieve its public policy objectives (including health, safety and environmental objectives) at the level of protection it deems appropriate.

In addition, the application of good practices can support the development of compatible regulatory approaches between the Parties and reduce or eliminate unnecessarily burdensome, duplicative or divergent regulatory requirements.

Good practices are also essential for effective regulatory cooperation.


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