USMCA: Comercia MX is the first platform for SMEs in Mexico

As part of the commitments established in the USMCA, the Ministry of Economy launched Comercia MX on Wednesday.

Within Chapter 25, the USMCA obliges Mexico, the United States and Canada to encourage participation in platforms, such as web-based ones, for entrepreneurs and business advisers to share information and best practices to help SMEs to connect with suppliers, buyers and other potential international business partners.

For this reason, the Mexican government created Comercia MX, a digital platform that will reduce commercial costs to access information.

Comercia MX also aims to increase aid to SMEs and their participation in international trade.

The Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Luz María de la Mora, highlighted the T-MEC recognizes the fundamental role that SMEs have in maintaining the commercial competitiveness of partner countries.


The head of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit (UIEG), Sergio Silva Castañeda, explained that Comercia MX will allow SMEs to find out about public tenders, business opportunities, contact of companies and announcements of private companies, all in Mexico and in other countries.

Likewise, on this platform, SMEs will be able to train, take workshops and seminars, and detect companies that are owned or led by women.

Another commitment in the USMCA is to promote cooperation between the Parties’ small business support infrastructure, including:

  • Centers dedicated to SMEs.
  • Incubators
  • Accelerators.
  • Export assistance centers and other centers.

As appropriate, such cooperation will be to create an international network to share best practices, exchange market research, and promote SME participation in international trade, as well as business growth in local markets.

Additionally, the USMCA undertakes to strengthen its collaboration with the other Parties in activities to promote SMEs belonging to under-represented groups, including women, indigenous peoples, youth and minorities, as well as start-ups, agricultural and rural SMEs, and promote the association between these SMEs and their participation in international trade.

Yet another of the commitments lies in increasing cooperation with the other Parties to exchange information and best practices in areas that include improving SMEs’ access to capital and credit, the participation of SMEs in covered public procurement opportunities, and helping SMEs to adapt to changing market conditions.

The launch was attended by the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo; the manager of the IDB trade and integration sector, Fabrizio Opertti, and the IDB representative in Mexico, Roberto Manrique.