US Customs seize Covid-19 treatments

Officials from the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and agricultural officials in Seattle seized a total of eight shipments of unauthorized influenza treatments that were marketed to treat Covid-19 .

In addition to their role as Customs and Immigration enforcers, CBP Officers and agriculture specialists actively enforce more than 400 laws and regulations for 40 government agencies.

This includes enforcing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) statutes, such as preventing unauthorized medical treatments that can mislead consumers by falsely claiming to treat or prevent disease or that in fact they can harm the consumer.

The pace of these seizures is increasing in the Seattle area, with the seizures coming from both express consignment shipments and passengers at the airport, totaled 2,376 pills.

“The concern with these products is the manufacturer’s false claims, raising the possibility that people may not seek medical treatment when necessary or, even more concerning, that the unauthorized and untested drug could contain ingredients that they make the product harmful to the user,” said Customs and Border Protection.


Generally speaking, CBP continues its close partnership with the FDA to protect American consumers from false and harmful drugs.

Customs and Border Protection is the unified agency within the Department of Homeland Security that manages, controls, and protects the United States borders at and between official ports of entry.

Photo: CBP.

CBP is charged with protecting the borders of the United States while enforcing hundreds of laws and facilitating legal trade and travel.