US and Germany agree on work-based education

The governments of the United States and Germany agreed to cooperate on education and work-based training.

The United States Departments of Labor, Commerce and Education signed a joint six-party declaration of intent with Germany on Thursday, the Commerce Department reported.

Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos ratified a joint declaration of intent with their German counterparts on cooperation in learning, education and vocational training.

The signing, during National Apprenticeship Week, represents the commitment of the Departments of Labor, Commerce, and Education to promote a highly skilled 21st century workforce that provides well-paying jobs to American workers.

The new Joint Statement of Intent will create more formal structures and strategies for the United States and Germany to cooperate in vocational learning and education, including encouraging companies to establish quality apprenticeship programs in both countries; increase access to work-based learning, including apprenticeships, for students and workers; foster cooperative efforts among state and local governments, businesses, industry and business groups, nonprofits, unions, and other stakeholders to develop industry-driven learning and technical education systems and professional; and facilitate bilateral exchanges of trainees and trainers.


«This agreement will help foster the creation of new learning opportunities for American workers across the country,» said Secretary Scalia. «Today’s joint statement recognizes the priority that the United States and Germany have placed in using work-based learning as a way to prepare workers for successful careers.»

«The Trump Administration’s level of cooperation in learning programs with Germany comes at a critical time as both our countries are experiencing an economic resurgence,» said Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. «The Commerce Department is committed to revitalizing our economy and strengthening the American workforce by creating more avenues for American industry to educate and retain skilled workers.»

«An apprenticeship is a tremendous path to a meaningful and in-demand career and provides the kind of opportunity to win and learn that the Trump Administration has championed from day one,» said Secretary DeVos. “The successful track record in Germany shows how powerful and productive learning experiences can be, for both students and employers. On National Apprenticeship Week, I encourage schools and employers to invest in partnerships that are building the workforce of the future. »


The parties will pursue this cooperation by exchanging information, experiences and good practices.

The two countries will foster partnerships through cooperative activities between companies and stakeholders involved in apprenticeships and other work-based learning programs, conduct information-gathering visits and expert meetings, and participate in consultations at the government federal, state and local level.

And the Joint Statement of Intent will foster greater understanding and adoption of Germany’s learning model, which is one of the best in the world.

Sharing the United States’ commitment, the German government ratified the Joint Declaration of Intent with the signatures of its Ministers of Education and Research, Economic Affairs and Energy, and Labor and Social Affairs.

The jointly ratified agreement marks an important new chapter in the relationship between the United States and Germany.