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UPS increases its U.S. operating facilities by 5.9%

UPS reported a 5.9% year-over-year growth in the area of its U.S. operating facilities in 2023, to 90 million square feet.

This global supply chain management and package delivery company owns or leases more than 1,000 package operating facilities in the United States

These facilities have parked vehicles and drivers for package pickup and delivery, and capacity to sort and transfer packages. 

Its larger facilities also service its vehicles and equipment, and employ specialized mechanical equipment for sorting and handling packages. 

In addition UPS owns or leases approximately 800 facilities in its international package operations, with approximately 21 million square feet of space, the same area it had in 2022.

How did the company close the year financially? With revenues 9.3% lower at $90,958 million and earnings 41.9% lower at $6,708 million, comparing 2023 to 2022.


Overall, the company plays a crucial role in the global transportation and logistics industry, providing essential package delivery services and managing supply chains for businesses around the world.

UPS owns its corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and its information technology headquarters located in Parsippany, New Jersey. 

UPS’s core information technology operations are consolidated at a wholly owned facility in New Jersey, while it owns a backup facility in Georgia.


The company’s aircraft operate in a hub-and-spoke pattern in the United States, with its main air hub, Worldport, located in Louisville, Kentucky. 

At the same time, its main air hub in Europe is located in Germany, and in Asia it operates two major air hubs in China and one in Hong Kong.

The company owns or leases more than 600 facilities, with approximately 46 million square feet of space, which support its logistics and freight operations. 

This includes approximately 17 million square feet of healthcare-compliant warehousing. 

Finally, the company owns and operates a logistics campus consisting of approximately 4 million square feet in Louisville, Kentucky.


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