Universal Logistics operates 52 logistics terminals

Universal Logistics Holdings operates 52 transportation and logistics terminals in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

Overall, the company is a leading lightweight asset provider of customized transportation and logistics solutions.

The same offers its clients freight, brokerage and intermodal services, which are dedicated and value-added.

Universal Logistics markets and provides its services in various ways:

  • Through a direct sales and marketing network focused on selling its portfolio of services to large clients in specific industrial sectors.
  • Through a network of agents that solicit freight deals directly from shippers.
  • Also through company-managed facilities and full-service customs clearance and cargo clearance offices.

Universal Logistics

At the close of 2020, the company had an agent network totaling approximately 295 agents, and operated 52 company-managed terminal locations and served 59 value-added programs at locations throughout the United States and in Mexico, Canada and Colombia.


Universal Logistics groups its revenues into the following service categories: Truck Freight, Brokerage, Intermodal, Dedicated, and Value-Added Services.

Cargo truck

Truck loading services include dry truck, flatbed, heavy haulage and refrigeration operations.

In turn, trucking services accounted for approximately $ 201.4 million, or 14.5%, of its operating income in 2020. Within this category, Universal Logistics transports a wide variety of general commodities, including automotive parts, machinery, building materials, paper, food, consumer goods, furniture, steel and other metals on behalf of customers in various industries.

Also truck loading services include their expedited last mile and ground services.


Universal Logistics provides clients with freight brokerage services by utilizing third-party transportation providers to transport goods.

Likewise, the brokerage services include a full national and international cargo transportation service and customs brokerage.

In 2020, brokerage services accounted for about $ 336.4 million, or 24.2%, of its operating income.


Universal Logistics intermodal operations include steamboat, railroad truck and support services.

Intermodal support services accounted for $ 393.6 million, or 28.3%, of its operating revenue in 2020.

Above all, its intermodal support services are short- to medium-distance deliveries of national and international containers between the port or the headland and the customer and haulage services.


Universal Logistics’ dedicated services are provided especially to support automotive customers using van equipment.

In 2020, dedicated services accounted for $ 127.5 million, or 9.2%, of its operating revenue.

Dedicated services are primarily short-term or round-trip moves within a defined geographic area that are provided through a network of unionized and non-union drivers, owner-operators, and contract drivers.

Universal Logistics and Added Value

The company’s value-added services, which are generally dedicated to individual customer requirements, include material handling, consolidation, sequencing, sub-assembly, cross-dock services, kit preparation, repackaging, warehousing, and returnable container management. .

Value-added services accounted for approximately $ 332.2 million, or 23.8%, of its operating income in 2020.

Finally, facilities and services are often directly integrated into our customers’ production processes and represent a critical piece of their supply chains.


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