Unilever boosts production of plant-based foods

The Unilever company reported that it promotes the production of plant-based foods, where it develops constant innovations.

With an average of 150,000 employees in 2020 (3,000 less than in 2019), the company generated a turnover of 50.7 billion euros and a net profit of 6.1 billion euros in 2020.

In general, according to Unilever, in all of its Food and Soft Drink categories, it offers more plant-based foods.

In addition, The Vegetarian Butcher continues to reach more consumers, thanks to its expanding partnership with Burger King, most recently in China and Latin America, and a rollout in stores in Europe.

Despite the decline in people eating out, its professional foodservice division, Unilever Food Solutions, launched Pushing Plants Forward, a global platform to help chefs meet the growing demand for plant-based dishes.

With its biggest brands, such as Knorr, leading the way with its 50 Future Foods campaign, Unilever is investing heavily in the development of new protein sources and plant-based foods at its Hive Foods Innovation Center in the Netherlands.

This includes a new partnership with biotech company Algenuity to explore the use of nutrient-rich microalgae to enhance protein and fiber in plant-based foods.


The company’s plant-based innovations are increasingly recognized.

Nielsen named Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise and Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream as two of its Top 25 Innovations of 2020 in Europe.

Unilever was again named by the FAIRR investor network as a pioneer in its benchmark of companies best prepared for the shift to plant-based proteins, ranking first among manufacturers and second overall.

And The Vegetarian Butcher’s Chickened Out Burger won a Vegan Food Award from animal rights organization PETA.


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