Unfair trade practices investigations in Mexico

From December 2018 to June 2023, the Mexican Ministry of Economy initiated 25 unfair practice investigations, 57 sunset reviews and seven ex officio examination and review procedures.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy initiated one price undertaking review and two countervailing duty reviews, one ex officio and one at the request of a party.

As a result of the ordinary investigations, 24 final antidumping duties were imposed.

At the same time, 46 sunset reviews concluded to extend the quota, two circumvention proceedings determined to impose countervailing measures, and one review and one price undertaking review determined to modify the export limits.

A total of 163 administrative rulings on unfair international trade practices were published in the Official Journal of the Federation (DOF).

Unfair Trade Practices

The Ministry of Economy, through the International Trade Practices Unit (UPCI), conducts investigations into unfair international trade practices and safeguard measures.

Its purpose is to promote conditions of fair competition for Mexican producers, thus strengthening the domestic market and helping to create an environment conducive to investment and trade development. It also provides technical and legal assistance in this area to Mexican exporters.

The UPCI is the authority in charge of carrying out investigations on dumping, subsidies and safeguards, as well as proposing the application (or not) of countervailing, antidumping and safeguard measures.

The opinion of the Foreign Trade Commission (COCEX) is taken into account before duties are applied.


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