UK leads whiskey, gin and gin exports

The UK led the world’s whiskey, gin and gin exports globally in 2020.

In fact, more broadly, it is also the largest exporter of this classification: Undenatured ethyl alcohol with an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 80% by volume; spirits, liqueurs and other spirits (among which are whiskey, gin and gin).

This basket of products also includes cognac, brandy, pure grape distillates, rum and other cane spirits, liqueurs, vodka and tequila.

In particular, single malt Scotch whiskey is made from three natural raw materials, namely malted barley, water, and yeast.

The first stage of production is the malting of the barley. Historically and traditionally, barley was soaked in tanks of water for two to three days before being spread over the malt floors to germinate.

To stop germination, the malted barley was dried in an oven, identifiable by the distinctive pagoda-shaped chimneys, which are typical of many single malt Scotch whiskey distilleries.

This process is still used in some distilleries, although others now source malted barley from dedicated malting companies that can produce traditional malted barley on a larger scale.

Whiskey exports

After the United Kingdom (6,255 million dollars), other outstanding exporters of ethyl alcohol below 80% volume, spirits, liqueurs and other spirits were in 2020: France (4,530 million), Mexico (2,408 million) and the United States (1,916 millions).

UK exports went mainly to the United States (20.9%), France (8.7%), Singapore (5.3%) and Germany (4.4%).

This basket of products led the UK’s external sales of agri-food products in 2020.

With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 2 trillion 710,000 million dollars, the United Kingdom was placed in the twelfth position among the largest exporters of goods in the world and in the fifth among the main importers, according to figures from the World Organization of Commerce (WTO).

Its GDP per capita averaged $ 41,958 between 2018 and 2020.


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