Uber Eats, Mercado Libre and Amazon invest in Mexico

Uber Eats, Mercado Libre and Amazon have announced a series of investments in Mexico highlighted by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP).

On the other hand, the stable business climate and the digital transformation accelerated by social distancing have led to investment and the growth of technology companies.

In 2020, electronic commerce in Mexico had a growth of 80% compared to 2019.

Going forward, online shopping in Mexico will more than double from 2020 to 2022, reaching a total market valuation of nearly $ 18 billion, estimated the Mexican Association for Online Sales (AMVO).

As the e-commerce channel develops rapidly, major global players are moving at full speed after the 2016 recession by investing in more warehousing and distribution systems, as well as better customer experiences for delivery at home and collection in the store.

Uber Eats

In recent months, investment plans have been announced by industry leaders such as Uber Eats for 1,200 million dollars in the next 5 years, as well as Mercado Libre‘s investment of 1,100 million dollars in 2021, or the investment announced by Amazon. for 100 million dollars for logistics centers.

According to the SHCP, the advancement of the strategic investment projects of this administration will support the reactivation and will contribute to promoting regional growth, while the increase in investment in dynamic sectors derived from the increase in demand for technologies will continue and rebound. information and electronic commerce, semiconductors, electronic equipment, and processed foods.

Furthermore, investment and growth in the export sector, as well as in oil and non-oil mining, which account for 5.5% of GDP, will be favored by the high prices of raw materials compared to previous years.


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