TSMC’s 6 semiconductor wafer vendors

The main wafer suppliers for TSMC semiconductor company are Taiwan’s Formosa SUMCO Technology Corporation, Taiwan‘s GlobalWafers, Japan‘s Shin-Etsu Handotai, Germany‘s Siltronic AG, Singapore‘s Soitec Microelectronics, and Japan’s SUMCO Corporation.

Together they supplied approximately 92.6%, 91.8% and 92.6% of their total wafer needs in 2018, 2019 and 2020, respectively.

In the past, TSMC has obtained a sufficient supply of wafers.

To ensure a reliable and flexible supply of high-quality wafers, the company has entered into long-term agreements and intends to continue developing strategic relationships with the major suppliers of these products to meet their anticipated wafer needs for years to come.

Additionally, the company actively addresses supply chain issues and brings together manufacturing operations, materials management, quality system and risk management teams to mitigate potential supply chain risks and improve chain agility. of supply.

Thus, this group works with its main suppliers to review their business continuity plans, qualify their dual plant materials, prepare safety inventories, improve the quality of their products and manage the risks of the supply chain of their suppliers.


TSMC’s manufacturing processes use many raw materials, primarily silicon wafers, chemicals, gases, and various types of precious metals.

Although most of your raw materials are available through various suppliers, some materials are purchased through exclusive suppliers.

TSMC’s raw material procurement policy is to select only those suppliers that have demonstrated quality control and reliability in delivery time and to maintain multiple sources for each raw material whenever possible for a quality issue or delivery with any supplier. do not adversely affect your operations.

The quality and delivery performance of each vendor are evaluated quarterly and the quantity allocations are adjusted for subsequent periods based on the evaluation.

To conclude, the most important raw material is the silicon wafer, which is the basic raw material from which integrated circuits are made.