Traxion: 3PL and 4PL revenues increase

Traxion reported that its logistics and technology segment posted P336 million in revenue growth during the third quarter of 2022, a 29.0% expansion compared to the same period in 2021.

On the one hand, this was mainly due to a 191.1% year-on-year growth in revenues related to digital applications, as a result of strong commercial activity and service penetration.

This line of business accounted for about 19.0% of this segment’s revenues, compared with approximately 7.0% in the third quarter of 2021.

Millones de pesos.

On the other hand, the segment’s growth is also due to a 95.8% increase, at annual rate, in revenues from 3PL and 4PL logistics services.

The increase is mainly explained by the start-up of the pharmaceutical vertical, and by a 12.4% increase in 3PL services revenue per square meter.

These business lines accounted for approximately 35.0% of the segment’s revenue, compared to 18.0% in the same period of 2021.

Costs related to this segment grew in line with revenues, while overhead increased mainly due to the start-up of the pharmaceutical vertical which required pre-operating expenses and costs.


The provides logistics solutions along the entire supply chain through digital platforms and technology applications and an asset-light approach.

Among the services it offers are: integrated 4PL logistics solutions, 3PL warehouse management, last-mile services, parcel and courier services, and rail intermodal freight brokerage, among others.

At the end of the third quarter of 2022, it operated more than 607,563 square meters of 3PL warehousing and a last-mile fleet of 800 units.

Traxión is the leading transportation and logistics company in Mexico. Its platform operates three business segments: freight mobility, logistics and technology, and people mobility.

The company has 10 brands recognized for their leadership in the different business niches in which it participates.

Traxion was established in 2011 and closed the third quarter of 2022 with an average fleet of 9,652 motor units, 607,563 square meters of 3PL logistics warehouse space, national presence, a portfolio of more than 1,000 customers, and more than 19,000 employees.

It operates a platform of five highly recognized brands such as Transportadora EGOBA, Muebles y Mudanzas MYM, Grupo SID, Auto Express Frontera Norte, and Autotransportes El Bisonte.


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