Top U.S. trading partner in 2023: Mexico

Mexico was the top trading partner of the United States in 2023, according to information from the Department of Commerce.This first position refers only to trade in goods, not including services.Of total U.S. trade (exports and imports) in 2023, flows with Mexico comprised 15.7 percent, ahead of Canada (15.2 percent) and China (11.3 percent).While Mexico was the top supplier of goods to the U.S. market, Canada ranked as the largest destination for U.S. foreign sales.Globally, the United States was the largest importer of goods in 2023, and the second largest exporter, behind China.Total U.S. trade totaled $5.103.6 billion last year, adding up to $3.084.1 billion in imports and $2.019.5 billion in exports.The United States imports a wide range of products, ranging from consumer goods to industrial products and raw materials. It also exports a variety of goods and services, including manufactured goods, food, technology and financial services.

Main trading partner

In its trade with Mexico, U.S. exports amounted to US$323.2 billion and imports were US$475.6 billion.Mexico imports gasoline, natural gas, auto parts, corn, automobiles and electrical appliances, among other products, from the United States.Conversely, Mexico mainly sends auto parts, computers, cars, monitors, tractors, medical instruments and telephones to the U.S. market.


Canada exported products to the United States for 421.1 billion dollars and bought goods from its southern neighbor for 353.2 billion dollars.The Canadian products most purchased by the Americans were petroleum, automobiles, gas, petroleum oils, auto parts, lumber, aluminum and medicines.On the other hand, the most purchased U.S. products in Canada were automobiles, petroleum oils, vehicles for the transportation of goods, auto parts, gas and trailers.In turn, China, the third largest trading partner, exported products to the U.S. market for US$427.2 billion and purchased goods from the United States for US$147.8 billion.As part of these trade flows, U.S. sales of soybeans, integrated electronic circuits, cars, gas, oil, machines and devices for manufacturing semiconductors and corn stood out.The following Chinese exports to the United States were also important: telephones, computers, toys, auto parts, lamps, electric accumulators, seats and furniture.


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