Top beef producing countries in the world in 2020

The United States, Brazil and the European Union were the largest producers of beef in 2020, according to data from the Department of Agriculture, compiled by Comecarne.

By volume, the United States produced 12.38 million tons, followed by Brazil (10.10 million) and the European Union (7.80 million).

Other major beef producers were, in descending order: China, India, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Pakistan, and Russia.

According to the USDA, livestock production is the largest agricultural industry in the United States, consistently accounting for the majority of total cash income from agricultural products.

In 2021, the USDA forecasts that U.S. livestock production will account for about 17% of the $ 391 billion in total cash income from agricultural products.

With rich farmland resources, the United States has developed a beef industry that is largely separate from its dairy sector.

Beef producers

The American beef industry is unique compared to countries like India that produce water buffalo meat, which is used as dual-purpose animals.

In addition to having the world’s largest beef cattle industry, the United States is also the world’s largest consumer of beef, primarily high-value grain-fed beef.

The American beef cattle industry is often divided into two production sectors: cow and calf producers and cattle feed.


The Mexican Meat Council emerged in 1985, has 103 members, among which 48 are partners and 55 are associates.

On the one hand, the partners are companies that transform and give value to the meat protein of the bovine, porcine and / or poultry species, which can cover the entire production chain or part of it.

On the other hand, the associates are companies that provide some service to the member, such as suppliers of machinery and equipment, packaging material, supplies and services for the industry.

Likewise, the members of the Mexican Meat Council represent 90% of cold meats; 85% of canned or pouch meats; 70% of ready-to-eat products made with meat and 50% of fresh meat in cuts sold in Mexico.