Top 5 Aircraft Exporters in 2021

The United States leads the ranking of the main aircraft exporting countries in the world in 2021, with sales of 89,136 million dollars, a growth of 9.6% year-on-year.

These exports also include space vehicles and parts related to the sector.

Following were: France (30,909 million dollars, +6.4%), Germany (27,627 million, -4.3%), the United Kingdom (13,855, +6.4%) and Canada (10,485 million, +8.7 percent).

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented impact on the demand for air travel, creating a tremendous challenge for the commercial aerospace manufacturing and services sector.

A recent statement from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that passenger traffic in 2021 recovered to approximately 40% of 2019 levels, as international markets experienced continued reopening challenges.

For the Boeing business, for example, the Covid-19 pandemic, 787 production issues and associated rework, and residual impacts from the 737 MAX grounding continued to have significant adverse impacts on the business in 2021.

Aircraft exporters

Now global economic activity is improving but continues to be affected by Covid-19, with governments continuing to restrict travel to contain the spread of the virus.

While the recovery is accelerating, Boeing continues to expect it to remain uneven as travel restrictions and differing regional travel protocols continue to affect air travel.

Overall, Boeing continues to expect domestic travel to recover faster than international travel.

As a result, the company expects the narrow-body market to recover faster than the wide-body market.

Additionally, the pace of the business market recovery will largely depend on Covid-19 infection rates, vaccination rates, and government travel and other restrictions on trade and commercial activity.

At the same time, demand for exclusive freighters remains strong, supported by a strong recovery in global trade and overall growth in air cargo.

General cargo capacity remains a challenge due to the huge impact Covid-19 has had on international passenger operations, which also carry cargo.

World aircraft exports fell 35.3% in 2020, to 217,535 million dollars.


The financial performance of airlines, which also influences the demand for new capacity, has been negatively affected by the pandemic.

According to IATA, the net loss for the airline industry was $138.00 million in 2020 and is expected to be approximately $52 billion in 2021.


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