Top 19 competitors of Mission Foods and Gruma

Mexican company Gruma listed 13 of the main competitors of its Mission Foods division, one of the leading producers of tortillas and related products in the United States.

For context, Gruma believes that the tortilla market is highly fragmented and is essentially regional in nature and extremely competitive.

Mission Foods’ principal competitors in the United States are hundreds of small tortilla producers, which manufacture tortillas locally or regionally and tend to be owned by an individual or family.

However, there are some competitors that have a presence in various regions of the United States, such as Olé Mexican Foods, La Tortilla Factory, El Milagro and Reser’s Fine Foods, among others.

In addition, some large companies compete with Mission Foods, such as Tyson Foods, General Mills, Hormel Foods, Flowers Foods and Bimbo.

Gruma’s competitors in the U.S. corn flour market include Bunge, Cargill, LifeLine Foods and Hari Masa.

Azteca Milling competes with these corn flour producers primarily on the basis of quality, technical assistance, customer service, and brand recognition.

Mission Foods

Gruma believes that Mission Foods Europe is an important producer of tortillas and related products in Europe; its principal competitors in the region are Grupo Paulig, General Mills and Aryzta, among others.

It also believes that Azteca Milling Europe is an important producer of nixtamalized corn flour and corn grits in Europe, and its main competitors in the region are DACSA, Codrico Rotterdam and Limagrain/Westhove, in addition to several regional mills.

Gruma USA is a leading producer of tortillas and related products in the United States and a leading producer of nixtamalized corn flour in the United States.

Mission Foods manufactures corn and wheat tortillas and related products (including corn chips) primarily under the MISSION, GUERRERO and CALIDAD brand names in the United States.

By continuing to develop the MISSION brand into a strong brand with a national presence targeting all types of consumers, GUERRERO into a strong brand focused on the Hispanic consumer and CALIDAD into a value brand in tortillas and corn chips, the company expects to increase Mission Foods’ market penetration, brand recognition and profitability.


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