Top 10 largest markets for Chinese auto exports in 2023

Russia, Belgium and the United Kingdom took the top positions among the largest markets for Chinese auto exports in 2023, according to data from the China Customs Administration.With a year-on-year growth of 594%, auto sales from China to Russia were US$11.658 billion.Some of the best-known Chinese car brands include BYD, Geely and Great Wall Motors. These companies have been expanding their operations internationally and exporting vehicles to various countries.Companies such as General Motors and Volkswagen, for example, also export cars from China.

Chinese auto exports

Other relevant destinations of this trade were: Belgium (5,931 million dollars, +8.6% year-on-year), United Kingdom (5,724 million, +43.3%), Mexico (3,847 million, +74.6%) and Australia (3,724 million, +51.9%).On a global scale, Chinese international auto sales totaled 77,659 million dollars, 73.8% higher than in 2022.In addition, Chinese auto exports were mainly shipped to Spain ($3.53 billion), Thailand ($2.622 billion), the United States ($2.553 billion), Saudi Arabia ($2.317 billion) and the United Arab Emirates ($2.267 billion).


Within the scope of the World Trade Organization (WTO), China suggested in June 2023 to the European Union to reduce the proportion of cobalt, lithium and nickel. The Chinese automotive industry has claimed that the recycled proportion of cobalt, lithium and nickel is relatively high, which was quite strict before. Now this regulation has been adjusted especially in the proportion of cobalt, lithium and nickel, for example, by 2030 from the previous 12, 4 and 4 percent to the current 16, 6 and 6 percent. It is still difficult for the Chinese automotive industry to meet this requirement with current technology. Regarding the issue of «setting the carbon footprint threshold», China still suggests that the European Union should regulate the carbon footprint after the method of calculating the carbon footprint of battery products is unified. In addition, scientific and reasonable carbon footprint thresholds should be set according to peak carbon and carbon neutrality targets in different regions and countrie


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