Top 10 investment announcements to Mexico

The 10 main investment announcements to Mexico in January and February 2024 totaled 23.897 billion dollars, informed Thursday the Ministry of Economy.

These announcements represent the vast majority of the investments announced in the first two months of the year, which totaled 28.702 billion dollars.

These are the 10 largest investment announcements:

  1. FEMSA (US$9.965 billion).
  2. Amazon (4.963 billion dollars).
  3. DHL Supply Chain (4 billion).
  4. Ternium (1.945 billion).
  5. Volkswagen (942 million).
  6. Solarever (601 million).
  7. ELAM-FAW (407 million).
  8. Nemak (404 million).
  9. Unison Shanghai (400 million).
  10. Aspen Aerogels (270 million).

Of the announced investment, 95% is concentrated in the beverage industry (62%), automobiles (12%), iron and steel (12%) and auto parts (9%).

Investment announcements

The Ministry of Economy notes the intention of investment from countries with lower FDI participation in Mexico, such as China, France, India and Switzerland, which will diversify the origin of investments.


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