Top 10 Intermodal Leasing Companies

Triton International, Textainer and Florens Leasing ranked as the world’s largest intermodal leasing companies, by total TEUs.

According to Drewry Maritime Research data, referred by Textainer, the world leader is Triton International with a 27.5% market share in intermodal leasing.

For its part, Textainer achieved a market share of 16.9%, while the share of and Florens Leasing was 16.4%.

Then the companies SeaCo Global, CAI International, Beacon Intermodal Leasing, SeaCube Container Leasing, Touax Global Container Solutions, Blue Sky Intermodal and UES International were placed.

From Triton International’s angle, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on global trade and its own business.

The initial outbreak of the pandemic and the resulting social and economic lockdowns led to a sharp decline in world trade in the first half of 2020.

During this time, Triton International faced weak demand for containers and pressures on their utilization and profitability.

However, its leasing portfolio provided strong protections and its utilization and profitability gradually declined.

Intermodal leasing

Business volumes recovered rapidly in the third quarter of 2020 as locks eased and consumers shifted spending from services and experiences to goods, and business volumes remained strong throughout 2021.

According to Drewry Maritime Research, intermodal leasing companies, classified by total TEUs, are as follows

Triton International said container demand has been further boosted by significant logistics disruptions, such as reduced port productivity and a shortage of shipping capacity that has slowed container delivery times.

At the same time, strong and sustained demand for containers has led to container shortages, high prices for new and used containers, and high lease rates on the market.

Additionally, Triton International has been able to push its utilization near peak levels and has aggressively invested in new containers to support its customers.

Recently, the company has seen some moderation in the pace of new leasing transactions as it reaches the end of the peak shipping season typical of the summer.

In turn, the production of new containers has reached record levels in 2021, which has helped alleviate the container shortage.

As a result, a greater balance between supply and demand for containers may be seen in the coming months. However, Triton International concluded, the time to return to more normal market conditions is uncertain.