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Top 10 destinations for avocado exports from Mexico

The United States, Canada and Japan led the destinations of Mexico’s avocado exports in 2019, according to data from the Ministry of Economy.

Beating a new record, Mexico’s avocado exports to the world totaled $ 3.104 billion last year, up 13.5% year-on-year.

With a 76.9% share in that relationship, United States has remained a key market for Mexican exporters.

Mexico is the largest avocado exporter in the world; almost one in every two exported avocados has Mexican origin.

To Canada, Mexico recorded shipments of $ 225 million in 2019; while in Japan, the amount was for 181 million dollars.

Avocado exports are among the most successful in the agri-food sector in Mexico.

Avocado exports

The avocado tree has a variable growth and development that reaches a height of 10 to 12 m in its natural environment. Trees older than 8 years produce fruit throughout the year.

It is cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. Its main producer is Mexico. The fruit has a pleasant aroma and flavor and also offers a high nutritional value and various medicinal benefits.

Post-harvest handling is essential to preserve the quality of the fruit. The main causes of losses are mechanical damage, excessive cooling and fungal contamination. There is a wide world market, especially for fresh fruit, but also for processed foods and cosmetic products.

Latin America

The region also plays an important role in supplying avocados to the European Union, with shipments from Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and the Dominican Republic.

Mexico's avocado exports broke record.
Photo: Government of Mexico, Avocado packing plant.

The supposed health benefits of avocados, particularly in relation to their high content of healthy fats, along with their unique flavor, have spurred the rapid growth in demand for the fruit in flourishing import markets, mainly in China and Japan.