There are 56 new nuclear reactors under construction in the world

The World Nuclear Association (WNA) reported that in the world there are 56 new nuclear reactors under construction, with data as of September 2021.

As of that date, WNA statistics showed a total of 444 nuclear reactors in operation in 32 countries, with a combined capacity of approximately 400 GWe.

In addition, there were 101 nuclear reactors planned or on order and another 325 proposed.

In the WNA Nuclear Power Emerging Countries Report, it is stated that “some 30 countries are considering, planning or initiating nuclear power programs, and another 20 countries have expressed interest at some point.”

Nuclear reactors

While most of the growth in nuclear power comes from countries like China and Russia, there is also notable growth in other countries, including India and the United Arab Emirates, according to Uranium Energy Corp.

Some of these countries have embarked on sovereign-backed uranium procurement programs, creating inventory stocks for their future needs. This also includes substantial long-term contracts with Western suppliers and controlling interests in individual mines.

In addition, Russia, China and South Korea are aggressively implementing programs to sell their reactors around the world.

In many cases, the sales agreements contain turnkey provisions, including supplying uranium as a component of the reactor package that will require much more uranium than they currently produce. As such, they will need to create large sources of supply in the coming years.

Uranium Energy is primarily engaged in uranium mining and related activities, including exploration, pre-extraction, extraction and processing, in uranium projects located in the United States, Canada and Paraguay.

Japanese production

Although the world’s generation from nuclear power has eclipsed pre-Fukushima levels, Japan’s restarts have been slower than expected.

To date, a total of 27 reactors have requested the restart, including the nine reactors that have been restarted.

More restarts are expected as Japan completes additional safety programs and moves back toward a policy goal of 20 to 22 percent of its total electricity generation from nuclear power by 2030.


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