The top 20 ports in Latin America and the Caribbean

Among the main ports in Latin America and the Caribbean, Colón, Panama, occupied the first position in 2019, according to a report by ECLAC released this Monday.

Other countries and their main featured ports were, in descending order: Brazil (Santos), Mexico (Manzanillo), Colombia (Cartagena Bay), Panama (Balboa/Rodman), Peru (El Callao), Ecuador (Guayaquil), Chile ( San Antonio) and Jamaica (Kingston).

Although during 2019 the ports maintained their movement rates stable in relation to 2018, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on port performance in 2020 mean that all of ECLAC’s future growth and stability forecasts should be reviewed.

In recent months, the world has seen and continues to witness a drastic change in daily life, which has also had a great impact on business, commerce and shipping.

The outbreak of a pandemic changed all economic and trade expectations for 2020. From a forecast growth of 3.6% in container trade worldwide in the last quarter of 2019, to 2.5% in January 2020, going to – 4 , 9% in April, to drop even more in May when new projections lowered expectations to -9.0%, according to ECLAC.

The latest published figure corresponds to June, with a drop of -8.6%. The data is partly explained, in addition to the pandemic, by the fall in economic activity, the continuous increase in cancellations of services and labor restrictions.

Main ports

Other large ports in the region are in the following countries: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Puerto Rico (San Juan), Bahamas (Freeport), Mexico (Lázaro Cárdenas), Dominican Republic (Caucedo), Brazil (Itajaí) Costa Rica (Limón-Moin), Mexico (Veracruz), Colombia (Buenaventura), Chile (Valparaíso) and Mexico (Altamira).

Top 20 throughput of ports in the region in 2019 (in TEU)